SPD(Surpassdata) Big Data Platform is built by a group of talents from online research, IT, consulting, and data science. Relying on extensive experiences in above industries, we have built our Industrial-leading Big Data Platform in 2013. Compared with other big data platforms, SPD Platform features are far beyond the pure data analysis. Moreover, we start from real-world business topics to explore possible breakthrough points and offer solid business solutions through data analysis and mining.

When applying big data in real-world business practices, people have always been bound by huge amount of data but lack of clear strategic targets, which have resulted a big wastage of company resources and somehow loss directions.

SPD works close with a number of industrial giants for big data projects. To address the most demanding business issues, we create the relevant big data methodology, data collection, and analysis/mining model, and carry out data reports and business proposals. Big Data applies a brand-new way to carry out a more reliable and objective business solutions and subversively changed the traditional business perspectives and operation models. Reigning with legacy project experience, we turned the most demanding data applications into standardized platform modules. Each individual module has covered common business topics shared by different industries and these modules will continuously be optimized and developed in the future.

By using Big Data, SPD is committed to build a platform with sustainable high business value, comprehensive industry coverage, and highly efficient/accurate strategic output.


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